《After 2021》2022 Botanical Photography Calendar

Film making
'Don't make a wish in a rush, try to leave some time for the past.'

We seem to be messed up by life, we always want to be faster, so fast that we accidentally ignored our past. This video hopes to remind us to look back to the past and learn to reconcile with themselves. As stated in the film ,'To treasure the troubled years filled with dilemmas and hesitations. And the ones so occupied with ordinary sights'.
This film aims to record those you might not notice, those fragments and traces left over from our path. They might be embarrassed, or might not want to be recall. But remember that we are all accumulated from those fragments. "After 2021" turns the calendar into a painting, or a window scene of memories. Plants are transformed into metaphors here, and together with the 2021 we have gone through, they condense into the scenery in the 2022 calendar.