HLC Co-Creating Song -《 Breathe Deep 》Music Video

Film making
‘Breathing in the Pandemic’

During the period from 2020 to 2021, there were many changes in people's lives under the impact of the epidemic. Whether it is physical limitations or spiritual loneliness, all of them prompt us to re-examine our lives and find a new way to live in the new generation.
《 Breathe Deep 》 is the song created by two artists, Anu and Tulbus Ma, in response to the epidemic. The song conveys hope and strength through many depictions of nature, showing endless vitality and tenderness of companionship.
Based on the core of the song, the film focused on the concept of breathing. Using white blocks and water as the symbolic elements, the film integrated imagination and daily life scenes, evoking people's perception of life and their desire to coexist with nature.
“Take a deep breath, and you will find that ‘it’ is always by your side.”