FamiCare is FamilyMart's health care brand gathering high-quality health care products from various brands. Using the word "care" instead of "health" in the name, the brand wants to highlight that living a better life every day is a way to be healthy. The willing to care is the source of everything.
The symbol of FamiCare was developed from the logo of FamilyMart. By rotating the blue and green blocks, the new plus logo was born and aims to make people's lives better.
Based on the brand symbol, 6 health shapes were created to represent the diverse product categories of FamiCare, and also symbolize that life can be full of imagination.

Brand Poster
Good health care products are to build a better state of a person, and also to create a better life.
The brand image poster combines a series of photography works of people's daily life. Instead of collaborating with famous people, ordinary people could easily be the reflection and have the resonate. The warm images could connect people more and at the same time convey the brand's vision.

Other Application
The visual uses the geometric shapes and vivid colors to bring more vitality to the brand. In addition, through the creation of IP character, it is more interactive and attractive to convey health-related information on the community. Compared with nutritionists and spokespersons of other brands, having a unique role can create more differentiation, and there is also the possibility of developing merchandise products to deepen consumer stickiness.