LUCfest 5th

Film making
LUCfest, For Lucky People!

2021 is the second year for us to collaborate with LUCfest. The music festival stages were scattered in various spaces in Tainan. The visitors from all over the country moved around in the city, following the music and absorbing the unique local culture at the same time. The performance venue, those swaying bodies and the excitement flowing on the sites, are also the main core of the music festival. In addition, we were shooting the new show ‘Gui Time’ for communicating different aspects of the festival.

LUCfest 4th

Film making
LUCfest Music Festival is designed to bring on different markets and music style. We dedicated to provide a complete and diverse combination of Asian music, artist creativity and aesthetics. Not only leads the audience to deeply explore the rich energy of Taiwan’s independent music, but establish a platform for information and resource exchange between Asian and Western music industry, promoting and matching Taiwan’s artists to the international stages.