menomeno : Brand Identity Design

Put aside the luxurious desire, but start from the essential.

‘Meno’ means ‘minus’ in Italian. The brand focuses on subtractive maintenance for the skin, shedding decorations but return to the essential. The brand believes that simplicity can bring out the beauty of nature.
In terms of the design, we set with the neutral tone for the visual identity. The spirit of the brand is echoed with the packaging that shows the material textures and the space for breathing. While the playful layout of the English letters presents the core of the brand, ‘be the unique yourself’.

The Design System
During the process of clarifying the brand values, three keywords were set: neutral, perceptual, unique.
Based on the keywords, the visual design uses bold gothic letters as the basic elements, and on the rational basis of the grid system. Through rotation and scaling of the letters, the layouts are various, presenting the fun and playful spirit. The brand color palette includes black, white, and the natural craft paper color, which would be easily applied for the packaging materials, meanwhile establishing an overall natural and simple tone.

The Application System
‘Take off the decoration, find the true self’
To echo with the spirit, the concept of the application system is to ‘show the nature of the product’. Therefore one of the important material for packaging is transparent. And not only packaging but all printed matters have to use less printing but show the raw materials. 

Photography of Products
Through the arrangement full of narratives and playfulness, the characteristics of the products had new lives. Not showing the beauty of the models or the lifestyles, but returning back to the product itself.

Photography of Brand Image
'Communicating the Genuine'.
The photo shoot focused on portraying the intimate relationship between the skin and the products. Through the close-up shots and the lighting, the texture of the skins and the products were highlighted. By unfolding the variety of the textures, a new world was open, based on the care to your body and life.