KC Attorney-At-Laws : Brand Identity Design

The name of the law firm came from the philosophy of Lao-chi, ‘going with the nature and value the wisdom and the knowledge’. To the brand, it means that the lawyer is to assist the clients to gain their ability to fight  for themselves, not to lead. Thus the core of the brand was set as ‘empowerment’: empowering its clients to create changes.

Based on the brand core, the design concept 'MOVING' was developed. Moving creates changes. An entrance was created by a moving square, which became the logo. Geometric shapes and natural textures formed the base tone of care and professional, while the neon green popped out to give the feeling of dynamic. All the elements constructed a rational but visionary identity of the brand.

The Design System

Businesscard Design
The digital service of the firm is a major feature, so in addition to the physical business card, we had a digital version as well. The square on the business card was embossed to create a sense of space. While the digital version conveys the concept 'MOVING' more completely through the motion design.

The Design of Envelope and Sticker
The envelope has two colors, dark and light, for different uses. The idea of the sticker design came from the marker, highlighting the points with bright colors. Thus the sticker has a blank space for writing notes on.

The Signage Design
The law firm is located in Venue Taipei, a creative co-working space, where multiple teams share the space and the meeting space is often changed. Therefore, the brand signage is designed to be movable. It can be attached to the wall with the magnet. The three-dimensional logo becomes a standing structure, which could be placed on the table as a standing sign, echoing the concept of 'MOVING'.

The Design of Contract Holder
The contract folder is an important medium to establish a sense of professionalism and formality. The outer cover is presented in refined black logo on the black background. The brand green is used inside to highlight the important information.

The Certificate Design
The certificate hanging on the wall is not only a display of legal protection, but also the presentation of the brand. The embossing added layers of senses. The aesthetic of simplicity allows the certificate to better blend into the interior space.