LIGHT UP : Projection Mapping Design

‘Only by facing the waves can we be washed into a more resilient being.’

The Military Families Community Park, literally translated into ‘Four Four South Village’, is a former military dependents village. After the Chinese Civil War, the ROC government moved to Taiwan. The village was built for people to start a different life in this beautiful island. In this project, their stories were transformed into waves of light that comes and goes, just like how the time passing formed this village as how it is now.

The Concept
The village has different cultural contexts due to its history backgrounds. Therefore, the structure of the concept focused on presenting the changes in ‘people’ following the axis of time. With the 6 verses, it is shown that how the village was transformed into a new life, from all the conflicts, reflections, reductions in the past.

The Design
The visual design integrated both abstract and practical elements into the clips, together with the background music that collected the real sounds. The layers of elements built the continuous waves that brought the memory of the village into life, leading the audience to experience the changing, eroding and the whispering. 

The New Life
We saw the history of the village from the projection. And also we saw how people gathering again in this same place. The pieces of the past memories were intertwined with the current moment when the audience walked to the historical building, and was immersed in the light waves. That is also the moment when the village had its rebirth.