The 6th Lih Pao International Sculpture Biennial Awards

Film making
Lih Pao Cultural Arts Foundation has been cultivating local young artists for a long time, and the International Sculpture Biennial Award is expected to support artists to stand on the international stage.
This time, we deconstructed the concept of sculpture and to attract more international participants, so we made a film composed of many sculpture details, to promote the biennial award’s brand image.
The film applied the concepts of singular and plural in material (multiple materials/elements), behavior (movements of sculpturing), and body interpretation. The essence of the sculpture is displayed in the form of the film: the message it carries is poetically presented, showing how the the space is shaped by the sculptures.
The soundtrack uses the noises from sculpting (chiseling, knocking, sawing, scraping) to create an accent atmosphere and also the depth of the film.