Studio Flat White : Branding Project

On November 11, 2021, Studio Flat White was officially established. The building was a plain, white flat, situated in the YangMing Mountain. Based on the tonality of the architectural space itself, we hope this space to be like a piece of white paper, which can accommodate various imaginations.

Design for the Space
On the base of the architecture that showing pure and geometric shapes, we keep the minimalism of the space but made some adjustments with considerations for usage, and applied natural materials such as wood and stone to echo the surrounding natural environment.

Visual Design
The visual design took the shape of the building façade as the  main concept. The white square is the visual focus and the framework for combining different elements to create consistency. The four large windows of the building were transformed into visual elements as well for different visual applications. With the universal typeface, the general tone is neutral but contains the potential for experimental development. 

Opening Exhibition
Before the official launch of Studio Flat White, we organized an opening exhibition to portrait our vision of this space.

‘What can Studio Flat White be like, in your eyes?’

The opening exhibition invited Yiyuflorist, Pâtissier Henri, and Photographer Zhou Mo, to respond the theme with their creation and own languages. From three perspectives, including Co-Living, Tasting, and Seeing, the three artists had dialogues not only with the space, but with the audience and themselves.In this white space, we see how people’s imagination meet, cross, expand and be re-born.
Chou Mo