Shi-Chung Chen: The Campaign Project

'Do better, for a better Taipei, and a better Taiwan.'

It was the slogan of the mayor candidate, Shi-Chung Chen, in the Taipei City mayoral election 2022. To convey the characteristic of the candidate, HOUTH was invited to do the visual identity design, which was developed to the campaign film, campaign rally design, merchandise, and interior design.

HOUTH : Visual Identity Design ↵

The Campaign Film
This campaign film is Shi-Chung Chen’s self-introduction, talking about his political philosophy, and also documenting the stories of the people living in Taipei City.

Campaign Rally and Merchandise Design
Election campaigns are the place where the candidate could have the close contact with the public. The image of the candidate is conveyed through multiple medium, from the stage, backboard, flags, to staff clothing, volunteer clothing, etc. The application design transformed the visual design into a physical contact medium through the colors and graphics, creating a multi-sense experience.

The Propaganda Design
It is a challenge how the propaganda products can really enter people's life. This time, the candidates' poster was designed to a calendar, conveying the meaning that the candidate will accompany you in the future.The illustrator, Kim Chen, was invited to design the limited edition poster. She used the banyan tree to narrate an image of protection and care to people’s daily life.While the policy for all-aged care was designed into a flip-book.

Interior Design of the Campaign Center
The physical space of the campaign center allows people to have different experiences. The design responds to the three cores of the candidate’s philosophy:

Communication - The blackboard wall and opinion capsules allow people to write down their thoughts on Taipei City.

Integration - the wall displays the candidate’s visits to every districts. It can be continuously added with the movable structure. On the book shelf, books related to the political views of the candidates are placed for the public to read.

Progression——In front of the main wall is a multi-use space. With the designed sofas that can be moved and combined to different shapes, the space can be used flexibly whether there is a press conference or just for the visitors to rest.