( Un- )( PLAN )

(Un-)(PLAN) is a project advocating social issues in an engaging way to the public. We try to invert and fumble with the prerequisites, discovering the minutiae through an “unplanned” interaction, transforming the experience into an engaging act that would create a chain reaction for mass participation, and to further create a momentum that will result in a change in society and a better way of life.

In 2021, the team visited lots of areas that had controversy with the environment issues and integrated the documentary materials into an online archive.

In April 2022, the team organized an online exhibition, BREAK the BOTTLE, inviting the public to leave the comfort zone and  get in touch with the real environment.

In August 2022, the team was invited to curate the B ZONE of the exhibition, The Power of Water | CSR@天下, where the daily objects became the message containers to present the context of the water issues.

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It is regulated that the information such as the ingredients and the sources should be printed on the containers of the commodity. People are concerned about the impact the products will have on their lives, but when it is used up and out of sight, we seem to care no more.

‘We focus on what's inside the bottle and ignore what's outside the bottle.’

The project, BREAK the BOTTLE, invited people to leave the comfort zone and see these liquids before/after they enter the container. Through workshop, talks and series of documentaries, we can re-see the gradually forgotten water issues in a variety of ways. All the materials were curated into an online exhibition, documenting different points of views in this era.

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The Power of Water Exhibition:Zone B|What is Water?
‘The Power of Water’ is an exhibition extended from the action initiative of "Do One Thing for Tamsui River" launched by CSR@天下. The exhibition presented the pollution issues of the river and tried to find this generation's personal connection to water pollution.

The Zone B of this exhibition is ‘What is Water?’. The ( Un- )( PLAN ) team transformed daily objects into message containers that exposed the inseparable relationship between human beings and water.